Naketi Latoy Simmons was born in Merrillville, Indiana and raised in Gary, Indiana. She was the middle child & the only girl in her family. Simmons began singing at church with her four brothers. They started singing at a very young age. She was taught how to learn songs & her 2nd oldest brother knew how to give out parts and play the piano by ear. They were known at church for singing 5 part harmony. Simmons sang in the junior choir at church. She also led songs at church concerts. She loves music and she has an ear for giving out parts as well. Simmons has an eye & ear for talent. She can pick up on talent right away.

Simmons began journal writing at a very young age. In her journals she wrote about however she felt. Writing was a way out for her. It freed her. As time went on she began to discover her gift as a poet at age 12, but she did not realize her calling at that time. As she evolved, lived, learned and experienced the cares of this life she discovered her passion. Simmons started writing again in 2006 when she took a poetry class at Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis. She realized her true talent when she wrote “Dreaming of 43rd & Monroe”. In 2008 she submitted “Dreaming of 43rd & Monroe” and won Editor’s Choice Award for poetrynation.com.  And, in 2011 she submitted that same piece, and won Editor’s Choice Award again for worldpoetrymovement.com.

In 2007, she graduated from Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis with a Bachelor of General Studies. Her goal was to graduate on the Dean’s List, and she accomplished just that. Simmons majored in Arts and Humanities, with a minor in Sociology. She is a proud member of the lovely Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated! In 2010, she wrote over 70 poetry pieces. Simmons is currently venturing out at different spoken word venues to lift the lives of others. The joy she gets from speaking & singing to people is making them smile. In 2011, Simmons took her poetry pieces and turned them into songs. Her desire is to touch everyone with her poetry & songs. Simmons created and changed her performing name to V.E.R.S.E.S., because she loves writing poetry verses.

In 2013, Simmons created & founded Verse 2 Verse Breakthrough Entertainment, LLC. to help young people live and carry out their writing dreams. Simmons is currently looking to build a strong team. She also enjoys making music with XOindakitchen, & Ron Talley. Simmons will also be releasing her first album, and releasing a book of poetry in the near future. With her book she wants to help encourage people to chase after their dreams, and excel in everything they do. In 2016, Simmons started a blog site. With her blog site she wants to give artists & business owners the exposure that they deserve!

In her spare time she enjoys singing, shopping, cooking, watching youtube reviewers, blogging, creating content, participating in community service, modeling, working out, playing basketball and spending time with loved ones. Simmons has endured many obstacles, but she still managed to come out on top. Her heart’s desire is to teach others how to come out on top as well regardless of what they are going through. Her goal is to support and uplift people across the world. On August 31st 2020, she released her new poetry book titled When The Smoke Clears Speak From Within. You can find her book on authorhouse.com in hardback, paperback, and ebook format. It is available on all major book retailer platforms. In 2021, Simmons discovered that she is clairvoyant, and decided to help others with their spiritual cases. Spiritually Initiated is her newest youtube channel that launched on October 1, 2021. This channel was created to give people a place to go to for spiritual guidance, upliftment, information, and education.  On February 6th 2022, she launched her new podcast titled Spiritually Initiated. Simmons is excited about her new spiritual venture. She humbly invites others to join in with her on this new spiritual journey! For collaborations please contact her via email at v2vbent@yahoo.com. Follow her on instagram & twitter @verses28. Connect with her on linked in at naketisimmons. Thanks for your support!